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Best Adsense Alternatives

Alhtough Google Adsense is far and away the leading content-based advertising network, there are times, for whatever reason, when a publisher must opt for an alternative ad network.  Here are 10 Adsense alternatives worth considering:

  1. Chitika
  2. AdBrite
  3. Bidvertiser
  4. Infolinks
  5. Performing Ads
  6. Project Wonderful
  7. Kontera
  8. Clicksor
  9. Exit Junction
  10. Text Link Ads
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Search Engine Market Share

Here is the latest search engine traffic market share for June, 2011, as reported by Nielson-Net and Alexa.  As you can see, Google still commands the lion’s share of search engine traffic. The top three search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing, account for more than 94% of all search engine traffic.

Google 85.72%
Yahoo 6.42%
Baidu 3.67%
Bing 2.14% 0.56%
Other 0.49%
United States:
Google 84.58%
Yahoo 8.13%
Bing 5.38% 0.79%
Other 1.12%

Blog commenting service

Blog commenting is a highly effective way to build links to your site and boost search engine rankings.

I’m pleased to announce a new blog commenting service where we will submit comments to DO-FOLLOW blogs on your behalf.  Do-follow links, unlike nofollow ones, are  followed by the search engines, passing link juice to your site.

This is not a spamming service.  We read the blog entries and submit relevant, on-topic comments that link back to your site. Many of the comment links will come from pages with high PRs, including PR5.

What’s more, you pay for only $1 for each approved comment (and backlink to your website).  Most comments will come from pages that are PR2 or higher.  Considering that PR5 links go for as much $20 a month, this isn’t a bad deal at all.

For more details and to place an order for our blog commenting service, please visit this page.

How to put Adsense on your first two posts and sidebar on your WordPress blog

Google TOS allows a maximum of 3 Adsense ad units on a single page.  If you simply paste your ad code into your index.php file of your WordPress template, Adsense will show up on your first three posts.

You may want two Adsense ads to appear before your first two posts and one in the sidebar as on this site,

Here’s a simple workaround to accomplish just that:

1. Open index.php in a text editor.

2. Look for the following code:

<?php if (have_posts()) : ?>

3. Immediately before this line, insert the following code:

$postinc = 1;
$adsense1 = 1;
$adsense2 = 2;

4.  Then look for the following in index.php:

<?php the_content(‘<br />Read the rest of this entry &raquo;’); ?>

5. Immediately before this line, insert the following:

<?php if ($postinc == $adsense1) {
echo ‘
} ?>

<?php if ($postinc == $adsense2) {
echo ‘
} ?>
<?php $postinc++; ?>

6. Finally, open sidebar.php in a text editor and insert your Adsense code in the desired location.

Additionally, you’ll want to repeat Steps 1-5 for archive.php.

That’s it!

Get more backlinks to your site

Web directories should be a part of your link building strategy. In addition to driving traffic to your site through direct referrals, web directories provide one-way links to your site, increasing your search engine rankings.

But manually submitting to hundreds of directories can be a slow, tedious process.  To make life a little easier, I recommend using a software program that automatically fills out the submission forms for you, so that you don’t waste too much time copying and pasting your site information.

The following $7 software will do just that.  Link Directory Submitter comes preloaded with over 2,700 web directories, automates much of the form filling, and lets you submit to up to 10 directories at a time. Here are some benefits the software: